My name is Eddie Hill, and my dealership, Eddie Hill's Fun Cycles, is the exclusive Authorized Ariel Atom dealer for Texas, Oklahoma, and Arkansas. We are also authorized to sell in any state within 1,000 miles of Wichita Falls, Texas, except any part of Virginia.

We are a well-established Ariel, Honda, Kawasaki, Yamaha, Victory, and Polaris dealership with forty-six years of sales and service, and with annual sales that have exceeded seven million dollars.

We maintain the Better Business Bureau's highest rating of A+. We have been an Ariel Atom dealer since April, 2010.

The cars are all specially built to order, with every option and the color exactly the way you want it. I can send you the price/options/order form. Mark the items you want to discuss, and I’ll be more than happy to explain everything to your satisfaction. This will give you a total price for an Atom configured just the way you want it, finished and tested, at the factory in Virginia.

A 30% deposit establishes the start time of your build, and then you have until final assembly starts, to either change or finalize your options.

As a no-charge option you can accept delivery of the car at the factory. Or we can have the car delivered, at the buyer's expense, to the location of your choice, by a reputable carrier that is experienced in transporting high-end cars. As an example of freight cost, the last three we had delivered to Texas were $1300.00 each, one to the buyer in the Dallas area, and two to Wichita Falls.

My current company demonstrator/show car is a 2012 Ariel Atom 3, with a supercharged 300 HP Honda 2 liter K20A engine, six-speed with limited slip differential, with carbon fiber wings and upgraded brakes, the largest tires, and all the good stuff. I would love to show it to you if you will call to set up an appointment time that will work for both of us.

I have run my Atom 3's at Hallett Motor Raceway- (one minute and 19 second laps), and at Eagles Canyon Raceway at Decatur, Texas, with one minute and 55 second laps.

I have had my personal 2006 Atom II for about seven years. Jay Leno bought number 1, and I bought number 72.

I received my new 2006 Ariel Atom II, a new 2006 Ford GT, and a new Ultima CanAm/427 Chevy at the same time, and my Atoms have more than 10,000 miles, -- more than the other two cars combined. That should tell you how much fun the Atom is to drive.

At the two tracks I attend, Hallett near Tulsa, Oklahoma, and Eagles Canyon near Decatur, Texas, my Atom has almost always been easily the fastest car there with a license plate.

Amazingly, my Atom actually turns faster lap times than many of the single-seat open-wheeled race cars that we often run with, all at VERY LOW COST. The car is so light, about 1350 pounds, that it is extremely easy on the engine, transmission, clutch, tires, brakes, and even fuel cost (pump gas).

I'll be happy to personally answer any of your questions. Our phone number is


Please say, "I want to talk to Eddie about the Ariel Atom", so that whoever answers the phone knows you’re not a telemarketer. They will put you through to me, if I am in the dealership at the time. If I am at the race track or at my race car shop, they will promptly give me your number and I'll call you back as soon as I can.

1993 NHRA Top Fuel Champion and First in the Fours
(FourFather on the Atom Club Forum, and on Ariel Atom Chat)
Google “Eddie FourFather Hill” to check my credentials 940-322-4121 AUTHORIZED ARIEL ATOM DEALER

I am pleased to offer for sale a brand new 2016 SRA SpecRaceAtom!

Priced at $53,750.00, finished and tested, at the factory in Virginia. You can take factory delivery, as a no-cost option, or we will be happy to arrange shipping to your door, at your expense.

Highlights/Specifications of the Spec:RaceAtom:

- All SRA cars are identical in every respect of their manufacture, assembly & equipment specifications.
- 2.4L Honda K24 VTEC powertrain (Civic Si type)
- 6-speed + reverse (Civic Si type) 'H-pattern' full syncro gearbox, with LSD
- Custom fabricated steel exhaust header & pipe with race muffler
- Full MIG-welded tubular steel chassis (Ariel Atom design)
- DOM/ERW mild steel tubing
- Precision CNC bent and/or formed chassis tubes
- Precision laser cut and/or end-mill coped tubing joints
- MIG-welded tubular steel rollbar structure with forward, rearward & cross bracing, to prevailing racing standards per SRA weight class
- Fabricated reinforcing safety structure added under pedal area (inside tub)
- Race Technology ('Dash 2') digital race dash & custom switch panel
- Wilwood pedal set + master cylinders
- Wilwood Dynalite brake package (Frt. & Rr.)
- SRA spec. brake pads
- 4 X adjustable SRA spec. dampers
- 400# Front and 300# rear spring rates
- Deadpedal
- Custom steering rack
- Removable steering wheel
- Kirkey Intermediate Aluminum Road Race Seat (Driver side only – Passenger seat available at additional cost)
- SFI/FIA-approved 6-pt. HANS-approved race harness (driver)
- Custom 'SRA' 5-spoke race wheels (1 set)
- Spec. Hoosier R6 Tires
- On-board fire Bottle
- Emergency electrical cut-off switch
- Frt. & Rr. tow points
- Rr. brake light + rain light
- Steel Fuel Tank

Highlights of SpecRaceAtom ownership:

- Cost effective operation
- Lightweight nature of vehicle is easy on components such as brakes & tires
- Fuel efficient – Runs on 93(or 91)octane pump fuel
- Proven reliability
- Quick – proven quick lap times at various tracks across North America
- Adjustability – change suspension settings easily for various tracks or driver preference
- Ease of use – Well suited to novice or experienced drivers
- Fun – An incredibly amazing car to drive....You will not be disappointed.

A $5,000.00 deposit will hold this Atom for you, while we work out details of payment and delivery.

Thanks for looking.


Eddie Hill
1993 NHRA Top Fuel Champion and First in the Fours
Mobile 940-322-4121

People who bought Ariel Atoms from Eddie Hill’s have this to say:

“Hey Eddie – I have been having a great time with the car. You can’t believe the number of people who will stop whenever I park somewhere and want to talk about the car…it really generates attention! I am thoroughly pleased with it!”

From an Eddie Hill’s customer near Waco, Texas:
“I made it back into AZ over the weekend with my Atom! I had an amazing time driving it back! I wanted to thank you again for giving me the opportunity and assistance in purchasing my Ariel Atom!”

From an Eddie Hill’s Atom buyer in Arizona:
“My new Atom 3 # AA30XXX in my humble opinion is the following; 1) Constructed with excellent workmanship/craftsmanship, 2) Well designed in balance and efficiency, 3) Excellent in power to weight balance, 4) Excellent in performance grip feedback along with taught controls all around, 5) Truly Is as user friendly as a fast track vehicle can be (minimum mass), 6) Better than most 250 shifter karts in handling, balance, rotation & throttle control, 7) A true friend to the driver that can accurately steer with both the wheel and the throttle. -- it was economically purchased; it points well, has minimum push on entry, responds perfectly to throttle, and promptly asks for the rest of the gas. Bless you guys for this wonderful “track toy”.

This Eddie Hill’s Ariel Atom buyer is in the DFW area:
“Hi, Eddie!!! Can't get the grin off my face! The first 100 miles on the Atom at my local race track! It is by far the most fun thing I have ever driven”.

Eddie Hill’s Ariel Atom buyer near Houston:
“-- the enormous fun I have had with the car so far! Love the oversteery character, it’s very easy to drive around and correct with throttle!” South Texas buyer of an Ariel Atom from Eddie Hill’s.