2016 Ariel Corporation Atom 3S Turbo

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( SOLD! BUT WE HAVE FOUR OTHERS AVAILIBLE! )Ariel Atom 3S Turbo, the Road and Track Magazine test car available from Eddie Hill
My Eddie Hill's dealearship is very pleased to offer for sale, this beautiful Ariel Atom 3S Turbo, in stunning Silver! To me, this is the most beautiful Ariel ever built. This is the actual Road and Track magazine test car, the one that they tested and said, among other things, "The Ariel Atom 3S Is 360 Horsepower of Grin-Inducing Insanity" "More rocketship than car." "It is ludicrous. Even a light breath on the throttle produces acceleration that should only exist in another dimension. The Atom is easily the quickest car that I've ever been in. There is no turbolag, there is pull in every part of the rev range. Stand on the throttle at low revs in fourth, and the laws of physics are broken to push you forward." "When you first go flat out, it gets to the end of the powerband before your brain realizes it's time to shift again. It takes a few runs through the gears to process how to drive the car. It actually adjusts the way you think and the way you drive. A lot of turbo cars lose thrust as they near redline, not the Atom. It takes a mental adjustment to learn that it's making power until 7,800 and you're ok to shift then. " "Run to redline, quickshift, foot back to floor is exactly how the Atom begs to be driven. Anything else is doing it a disservice. And since it's a Honda engine, it can do that all day long." "It all adds up to an experience that is unlike anything this side of a motorcycle, without the chance that you'll fall off. So if you're two-wheel averse or inept, it's the perfect way to get the same sort of experience without flying over the handlebars. On real roads, like Laureles Grade in Carmel Valley, California, the Atom is more than a blast. It can pull away from anything (the 911 GT2 we had behind us was having trouble keeping up) and begs you to accelerate harder, to drive it through a corner faster, to brake later." "It's a track toy that can go on the road and beat every other vehicle -- car, bike, motorcycle, hoverboard, rocket sled, etc -- easily." Autoweek magazine drove it and said the following quotes-- it "--- has acceleration about that of a bottle rocket." "If you find the perfect road or, more likely, the perfect track, you’ll find that the Ariel Atom 3S is the perfect car...as long as you understand that it’s a race car at heart. " "--once you manage to find an empty, flat road with a curve or two in it you find that the car is, indeed, perfectly balanced. You can make it over- or understeer by mere judicious application or release of the throttle. It’s like a really, really powerful go kart with seating for two." "--the 3S is far more civilized than you would expect and far more comfortable than previous Ariel Atoms we have driven. Compared to, say, the BAC Mono that we drove a couple months ago it is downright plush." "-- the suspension is far more civilized than a Mono or a go kart or a typical club race car while offering similar levels of handling." "The biggest leap in civility for the 3S model, however, is the windshield." "--it made the whole drive far more palatable. The windshield, along with those matching wind guards on the sides screwed into the big tubular frame, made this Atom far more like a real car than any Atom has ever been. It’s not a Camry XLE with gold kit and curb feelers, but it’s a lot more comfortable than Atoms have ever been." "There are lots of those motorsports clubs springing up all over the country -- for those, an Atom 3S would be perfect. You might even have the track record." "The Atom faithful enjoy their cars more than anything." This Atom 3S factory demonstrator has some demo miles and the magazine test miles, and so we are discounting it from the $92,000.00 shown on TMI's website (It is the first car shown in their inventory listing), to $89,850.00. So if you would like to own the actual car that inspired all these glowing praises, and not have to wait for a new order to be built, PM me, Eddie FourFather Hill, or call my dealership, ATV's, GoPro Dealer, 4-Wheelers, Parts: Wichita Falls, TX & Lawton, OK: Eddie Hill's Fun Cycles, at 940-322-4121, and tell whoever answers that you want to talk to Eddie about an Ariel Atom (so they will know you are not a telemarketer). Thanks for looking, Eddie FourFather Hill